George Kantrales, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. George Kantrales joined PEC as a Senior Associate Engineer in September 2016. George holds two undergraduate degrees—one in mathematics (University of Florida), and one in civil engineering (University of South Alabama). In addition, George also holds a master’s degree (Auburn University) and a PhD (University of Florida) in civil engineering. George’s doctoral work at the University of Florida concentrated on barge impact loading on bridge structures. As part of this work, George performed large-scale impact testing, finite element analysis, and statistical analysis to formulate proposed revisions to existing AASHTO barge-bridge impact design methods. George has experience with LS-DYNA and MatLab analysis tools, and will be supporting PEC and our clients on both research and design efforts. Contact George at 512-380-1988 x322 or


Edward O’Hare, Ph.D.

Dr. Edward O’Hare joined Protection Engineering Consultants as a Sr. Associate Engineer in July of 2015.  Dr. O’Hare received his undergraduate, MS and Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University with a dissertation titled “Behavior of Concrete-Filled Tube (CFT) Through-Beam Connections Subjected to Varying Load Rates”.  That research focused on the development of behavioral models and design guidance for CFT-to-CFT energy absorbing through-connections for rigid building frames subjected to varying load rates.  Validated computational models, created in LS-DYNA, were used in a Response Surface Methodology approach to determine appropriate evaluation parameters and to develop design equations.

Eddie spent much of his time at Penn State working in the area of anti-terrorism through his work on Streetscape Vehicular Anti-Ram (SVAR) barrier systems to enhance security interests of the US Department of State world-wide.   This research was supported by full-scale testing and LS-DYNA modeling at Penn State.

Eddie is a US Navy veteran, having served as a Special Security Officer Assistant in the Intelligence Department of the office of the Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Yokosuka, Japan.  He is experienced with LS-DYNA, MatLab, and SAP2000 numerical analysis tools and will be supporting PEC and our clients on both research and design efforts.  Contact Eddie at 512-380-1988 x313 or