Dr. David Stevens and PEC Associate Engineer Ryan Alberson have been awarded a first phase small business grant to develop software to facilitate more efficient use of the Department of Energy’s CTH software.  CTH is an “expert” level High Performance Computing (HPC) code developed by Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) to model shock waves, low Mach flows, multi- and mixed-phase materials, and material motion phenomena.  It is often deployed on massively parallel computers but can also be executed on multi-processor laptops. SNL continues to develop the technical capabilities of CTH, and, as a result, CTH is considered one of the most powerful shock physics codes available.  David and Ryan will develop four improvements to facilitate the accessibility and applicability of CTH by industry and government users. In Phase I, they will develop a pre-processor for creating, visualizing, and modifying the models.  That pre-processor will incorporate existing CTH material model libraries, allow input of CAD files and will contain a context sensitive editor that will prompt the user for required input forms linked to the user guides for CTH.  A post-processor, a preliminary de-bugging and execution utility, and (in Phase II), capabilities for probabilistic and optimization modeling will also be developed.  Contact David for more information.

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