News | 1.5.2021

Protection for Mission Critical Facilities

Mission critical facilities, such as data storage centers, switching stations or telecommunication hubs, must remain operational in times of crisis or catastrophe. Such facilities often require sensitive equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies or cellular stations to be installed outside of a protected building envelope, which increases the vulnerability of this equipment. The importance of protecting these facilities and associated equipment from incidental or intentional explosions was highlighted by the explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Day, 2020.

At Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC), our staff of certified Security Specialists and Protective Design engineers are experienced in efficiently protecting critical buildings from blast and other types of threats. We use a combination of security measures such as increased standoff, access control, and operational procedures to minimize blast overpressures that impact the exterior building envelope, exposed equipment, and personnel. When necessary, façade and structural components which house and protect critical equipment are designed to resist blast loads while protecting the equipment and personnel from hazardous debris so that operations can be maintained after an explosive event.


PEC uses advanced tools for blast modeling and for predicting component damage to ensure the protection of critical equipment and facilities. We combine these tools with years of experience in protective design for government and commercial clients to assess potential threats and develop efficient solutions. The best time to consider physical protection of digital or telecommunication assets is early in the building design process. Contact PEC at 512-380-1988 to learn more about how we can support your efforts to protect mission critical facilities.