In collaboration with Equip Global, a world leader providing conferences and professional training opportunities for private businesses and government institutions, Protection Engineering Consultants will provide a full week of training in the design and analysis of protective structures in Singapore, March 6 to 10. PEC Principals, Dr. Marlon Bazan, P.E. and Aldo E. McKay, P.E. will travel half-way around the globe to discuss basic principles for vulnerability assessments, blast-resistant analysis and collapse prevention design!

This professional training course will focus on the following areas of protective design:

  • Conducting preliminary analysis to estimate resource needs and costs
  • Evaluating the reserve capacity of existing structures before and after renovation
  • Addressing the challenges involved in protecting both military & civil infrastructures from terrorism and natural disasters
  • Understanding material behavior under combined loading environments
  • Understanding different protection methodologies
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Design and behavior of reinforced concrete structures under blast loading

For more information please see the full course outline.

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