PEC’s Dr. Chuck Oswald has teamed up with Gage Brothers Concrete Product’s Colin Moriarty to author an article for the Summer 2014 Volume of the PCI Journal of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute about their project experience for “Blast Resistant Architectural Precast Concrete Cladding for Government Buildings.”  This article is written primarily from the point-of-view of a structural engineer with precast design experience, but relatively little experience with blast resistant design.  This informative article provides guidance on cost-effective design approaches, including the perils associated with overly conservative panel reinforcement layouts for wind and seismic loads and the penalty such designs place on connection capacity requirements.  They also highlight the importance of the consideration of rebound response.  Case studies for Courthouses and Federal Law Enforcement Facilities are presented.  The PCI Journal is available by subscription from the Precast/Prestressed Institute and is published quarterly.

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