CEDAW V1.0 (Component Explosive Damage Assessment Workbook), developed by Protection Engineering Consultants staff, is an Excel workbook that generates pressure-impulse (P-i) diagrams and charge weight-standoff (CW-S) diagrams defining blast loads causing each of five different blast damage levels to an input structural component. The P-i and CW-S diagrams in CEDAW are generated by “unscaling” scaled P-i curves that were based on a detailed study of applicable blast load scaling terms for each component type and over 500 blast tests of structural components. The scaled P-i curves are consistent with both blast damage from the tests and single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) analyses results. CEDAW contains P-i diagrams for eleven different common structural component types. The CEDAW P-i diagrams are intended to replace the FACEDAP P-i diagrams from the late 1980s based on additional blast test data, better P-i curve scaling terms, and their consistency with SDOF analysis results.