The CTH suite of computer codes is designed to treat a wide range of shock wave propagation and material motion. Finite-volume analogs of the Lagrangian equations of momentum and energy conservation are employed with continuous rezoning to construct Eulerian differencing. CTH has models suitable for most conditions encountered in shock physics including material strength, fracture, distended materials, high explosives, and a variety of boundary conditions. The material equation-of-state models allow description of most states of matter normally encountered in shock physics. CTH is used for studying weapon effects, armor/anti-armor interactions, warhead design, high-explosive initiation physics, and weapon safety issues.

Protection Engineering Consultants has used CTH to model and evaluate small-caliber explosive warhead concepts that are designed to breach residential-doors in military operations in urban terrain (MOUT). We have also used CTH to evaluate the performance of blast walls at entry control points, the release of liquids and shock from munitions containing chemical agents, the overpressure environment from enclosed detonations, and the pressure histories on armored vehicles due to IED detonation.