Off-site Test Facilities

Numerical analysis and subscale testing can move us well along in the understanding of complex dynamic and inelastic/nonlinear behavior of materials. But often the best calibration of a series of numerical ‘tests’ or laboratory scale investigations is a full scale explosive test, impact test or dynamic experiment. We partner with several organizations to conduct these programs, typically involving significant requirements in terms of real estate and supporting equipment and facilities. We routinely work with colleagues at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio for support for explosive and ballistic tests, either at their on-campus facilities or at remote explosive test ranges. ABS provides shock tube testing facilities both in support of project work and in support of the hands-on sections of our short courses. The University of Texas at Austin, and the Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory on the JJ Pickle campus has been an invaluable colleague in support of progressive collapse research, first responder structural shoring studies and fabrication and testing in support of full scale highway bridge pier tests.