structure-magazine_page_1Accidents happen.  Storing chemicals, gasses, fuels, lubricants and other hazardous materials can be a necessity and a risk.  So can manufacturing operations that produce dusts or mists. Left alone these materials and operations are safe, but under the right circumstances they can explode or lead to explosions and the results can be disastrous.  So how do you protect yourself, your employees, and your equipment?  One approach is through blast resistant design; building a structure so strong and robust that it can withstand the energy released in an explosion.  However, that may not be the most economical choice.  For safe storage of these materials in large quantities, often the best choice isn’t to contain the energy, rather, it is to release it, and route the energy where you want it to go.

In the October, 2016 issue of Structure Magazine, Sr. Principal Kirk Marchand P.E. and Principal Eric Sammarco Ph.D., P.E. dive into alternate approaches for safe storage of hazardous chemicals and dusts through venting.  The full article is provided here.

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