Associate Engineer

Sean Donahue has nine (9) years of structural engineering research and design experience. He joined Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) at the beginning of 2018 and currently supports design projects and research efforts focused on mitigating risk to people and structures from extreme event scenarios, natural hazards, and hostile attacks. Sean’s technical interests include the behavior of structures under seismic effects, particularly the response of connections and elements at extreme displacements, as well as the assessment of structural stability of elements.

Since joining PEC, Sean has supported work on a variety of projects; some examples include: experimental investigations on the behavior of window systems under blast loads, vulnerability assessments of buildings and structures subject to postulated blast threats, design guidance development for engineers on integrating blast-mitigation systems into existing structures, and hostile vehicle threat assessment and protective strategy design.

Sean is highly skilled at designing experimental test programs to assess the behavior of structural systems under extreme scenarios, using innovative ideas/techniques to simulate complex boundary conditions, load patterns, and other unusual conditions; examples include assessing the response of floor systems to column loss behavior, the flexural capacity of simple connections in seismic events, and the behavior of precast box girders under torsional load.


  • M.S. in Architectural Engineering | University of Texas at Austin | 2016
  • B.S. in Architectural Engineering | University of Texas at Austin | 2010


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