The results from recent blast tests on non-load bearing precast concrete wall panels and comparisons to observed dynamic response and damage against single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) analysis results are presented and discussed in this paper. This analysis, and most of the tests, were sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Fifty panel spans were tested in five arena tests with large high explosive charges and 14 panels were tested in a shock tube. The tests included single-span panels and two-span continuous panels with conventional and pre-stressed reinforcement, and also included both solid and insulated (“sandwich”) panels. The measured dynamic deflections were compared to the corresponding values calculated with the SDOF analysis method commonly used for blast resistant design. The observed panel damage levels at measured levels of response were also compared to current response criteria for reinforced concrete panels. These comparisons were used to evaluate the accuracy and adequacy of the simplified SDOF methodology and the degree of conservatism in the current response limits for blast design of precast concrete wall panels. In particular, the current approach and a proposed new methodology for modeling the rebound response of concrete walls panels and the amount of composite action for sandwich panels in SDOF analysis were evaluated. This study provided test and analysis data that will be used to evaluate and update current guidelines for blast-resistant design of precast concrete wall panels.

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Testing and Analysis of Precast Concrete Wall Panels

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