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Progressive Collapse Course Summary:

Protection Engineering Consultants was the leading author in the development of the Department of Defense (DoD) Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 4-023-03: Design of Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse. This criteria serves as an industry guideline for designing structures to resist progressive collapse and includes a broad range of design approaches ranging from prescriptive enhanced local resistance (ELR) and tie force (TF) design methods to simplified static linear analysis approaches and more complex dynamic non-linear analysis techniques (alternate path methods). This webinar series is up to date with the latest DoD UFC 4-023-03, GSA guidelines, and VA criteria and will provide guidance for implementing the progressive collapse design provisions of this criteria by providing additional context, explanation, and interpretation of the code language. Simple example problems will also be included to aide in understanding the practical application and implementation of progressive collapse design requirements in real structures.

To accommodate the preferences, budgets and valued time of our customers and prospective students, we have updated and reformatted our Design Requirements for Mitigation of Progressive Collapse short course into web based modules. The webinar is divided into (5) 2-hour focused modules.

The webinar modules are ideal for engineers, architects, and physical security professionals who seek to enhance their knowledge of progressive collapse design criteria requirements, design approaches, and analysis methods. The modules were recently presented by our experienced engineers in November 2017. However, firms and individuals can register NOW to view recordings for any or all of the modules. Course notes are included in the registration. The recorded webinar modules are available to individuals and firms for a limited time (up to 30 days) after the registration to allow for complete control and flexibility in viewing lessons and the ability to revisit lessons as needed. Certificates of training completion for professional development hours will be provided.

Module Titles:

  • Module 1: Government Requirements and Industry Criteria
  • Module 2: Tie Force Method
  • Module 3: Alternate Path Method (Part 1: Linear Static Approach)
  • Module 4: Alternate Path Method (Part 2: Non Linear Dynamic Approach)
  • Module 5: Enhanced Local Resistance, Implementation Costs, and Retrofit Design

All modules are two hours in duration. Cost is $750 per module. Access to the entire webinar series (all 5 modules) can also be purchased for a discounted bundle rate of $2,500. Webinar access requires an internet connection for video and audio. Price is based on a per site basis (unlimited viewers allowed per site).

Key Dates:

  • Registration Dates: Anytime (recordings available)


Contact us at or Carrie Davis directly to register for the training or with any questions.

Progressive Collapse Sample Analysis - Non-linear Dynamic Alternate Path

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