The National Glass Association’s (NGA) Protective Glazing Council and Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) will host the first joint Security Window Design Workshop & Training in 2019. The workshop and training dates and locations are to be determined. A 1-day Workshop will be followed by a 2-day version of the PEC Blast Resistant Window Design Training course updated to include natural hazards and additional man-made threats.

Contact us at or Carrie Davis directly if you are interested in the course and have questions. Tailored courses for your company or organization can be put together on request.


View a sample Security Window Design Workshop and Training Schedule here.

The Workshop will will consist of six 45-minute presentations from NGA members on current and emerging window products and systems in the topic areas listed below:

  • Natural Threats: wind, hurricane/tornado, seismic and fire
  • Man-made Threats: blast, ballistics, forced entry and electronic

The Training is an updated version of PEC’s past Blast Resistant Window Design training class. Glass hazards are of primary interest in the design and assessment of buildings subject to extreme loads as most casualties in these events are caused by flying glass debris. In this training course, instructors guide participants through in-depth discussions of window design and analysis for natural and man-mad threats. Topics include:

  • Introduction to design criteria and standards for natural (ASTM, ICC, ASCE, ANSI) and man-made (UFC, ISC, VA, ASTM, NIJ, UL) threats
  • Computation of threats: methods and tools
  • Introduction to design methods (static analysis, dynamic analysis, testing)
  • Design and analysis of windows, frames and mullions
  • Window design software (SBEDS-W) and advanced analysis methods
  • Design issues for multiple threats
  • Window retrofit challenges

Problem sessions will allow for hands-on design examples using provided computers. Using software and knowledge acquired during the course, participants will predict the response of a window and supporting structural system, then discuss and compare results.

PEC Instructors include:

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