End-to-End Implementation

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Picture this: It is time to upgrade the security at your facility, but your staff is already stretched so thin they simply do not have the capacity to take on yet another project. We know the reality is that you don’t need to imagine it, as this scenario plays out every day in public and private organizations around the nation.

The scale and scope of a security improvement project can be daunting, and at PEC, we recognize that it is not as simple as choosing the right camera, bollard, or fence and hiring an installer. In fact, many of the engagements our team has performed in the past began with questions like:

  • How do I manage running two systems while the upgrade is in progress?
  • What do I do now that the cameras I bought last year are obsolete?
  • Do I have to obtain a permit to install the fencing or lighting I want?
  • When something does not work right, how can I tell if is it the equipment or the installation?

At PEC, protecting people and assets is our specialty, and our multi-disciplinary team of professionals come together to manage security projects from beginning to end – and at all points in between. Whether you want help with planning and budgeting for a project, getting and selecting bids, managing installation safety and quality, or for an entire turn-key project – you can count on PEC as your trusted partner.

Security Project Management

Do you have an advanced security program but need help with the technical implementation (design, construction management, and commissioning)? PEC’s team of board certified and experienced professionals seamlessly integrates into your project team to apply decades of protective project management to your security project.

With PEC managing your security project, you can be confident that your schedule and budget will be developed and tracked from inception to close out. Critical milestones and the contingent activities are identified in advance to allow the team to monitor for unplanned events in time to make small adjustments to stay on track and not lose momentum.

Security Construction Administration

PEC recognizes that your staff works hard accomplishing their duties. When it’s time to add on a security improvement, who will have the space in their schedule to oversee equipment installation, keep track of safety training documentation, verify contract documents, or even verify that the equipment being installed is what is called for on the contract?

The PEC team can manage your physical security construction project from beginning to end. Our specialists can validate and maintain contract information, track training, permitting, and connection requirements, verify construction and shop drawings, respond to integrator questions, prepare or validate as-built drawings and commissioning checklists, and much more.


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